2013 and the Calculator Engine is ported across to ESBDevLib

Hope you’ve had a great Christmas and that the new year is shaping up well 🙂 Very hot here in Kalgoorlie with temperatures in the 40’s (Celsius) all week and looks the same for next week…

I’ve ported across the Calculator Engine to ESBDevLib and changed things so that the Class now uses a Formatter Class, like other classes in ESBDevLib. This afternoon, Mark is going to start the extensive work of Unit Testing the Engine.

Next is to incorporate the Expression Evaluation into the Calculator Engine – rather than as a separate component. Plus Float Edits will allow a Calculator Component to be attached and then allow Expressions to be entered rather than separate Float and Expression Edits like in ESBPCS.

We’ve also been making progress with the Unit Conversion side of things and have now got about 75% of the work done (including the Unit Testing for this). Whilst we do have Classes for each of the Measurement Types, I am undecided whether for the Non-visual Components to have one for each measurement type (like in ESBPCS) or to just have a single Conversion Component so that you pick Measurement Type, Input Type within that Measurement, Output Type within that Measurement (eg ettMass, emtKilograms, emtStones to convert Mass from Kilograms to Stones). Whilst a single Component would draw in all the classes and thus be a bit of overkill when it comes to just converting Miles to Kilometres – we do have individual classes that can be used for leaner implementations.

So shall see how well we can push the Air Conditioning for another day 😉

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