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FireMonkey Edits with different Colour when ReadOnly

Since the days when we developed our own GUI that ran on VGA 640×480 (developed in Turbo Pascal and heavily reliant on BASM), we have liked to show our Edits in different background colours depending on whether they are Read Only or … Continue reading

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Adding FormatSettings to Classes, Routines and Properties

I know that for a while the various SysUtils Routines (such as IntToStr) have had a “thread safe” version that allowed a TFormatSettings to be passed. Since we are re-engineering our routines and making heavier uses of classes – and … Continue reading

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Two Hebrew Year Classes in Delphi

Last week I worked on porting across the Jewish Holiday Class from ESBPCS for VCL. It is a descendant of our Year Class (as would be expected), which is based around a Calendar Year with supports for “negative years”. So … Continue reading

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