Bounds Checking in Numeric Edits

For the Numeric Edits (as well as Date/Time Edits etc), in ESBDevLib, we naturally want to still have the Bounds Checking that has been a part of ESBPCS since day 1.

One of the advantages of doing a complete redesign/rethink (rather than just a port), is to give some time to see how things can be done better. And not just “under the hood”. We want see how we can make things better for developers, since we are also developers who will be using these components in our projects.

So whilst Properties can be arranged by Categories in the IDE (and I must admit I’ve never really been comfortable with that and have always had them arranged by Name), grouping properties together into a TPersistent descendant, not only makes things neater and easier to find in the Object Inspector:

But also makes it easier to reuse – whether it is a literal reuse, developing descendants, or just having all the related structures in the same unit:

Whilst I was not impressed with the “new way” unit names were done in XE2 (since it took some time to get the automated builder in ESBPCS to be happy with this new approach ), I am finding it to be quite a nice way to group things together.

What would be really nice – for either Embarcadero or one of the tool partners – is to have the IDE Project Manager do groupings on this structure – so for example, all the units could be collapsed. Actually I wouldn’t mind some sort of Region Structure in the Project Manager 😉


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