Developing our new Float Edit

Today I did some work on our Float (Double) Edit, TEDLFloatEdit – I will need to finish off the Calculator Engine for this component to be completed, but given previous work on the Integer Edit, it already has much of the functionality of the previous ESBPCS Control.

Some differences:

  • No DecimalPlaces Property: our Data Type Edits have the option of a Formatter Control attached, so that consistent display can occur over multiple controls (or even the whole Application). Plus you can have Multiple Formatters for different needs. As such, we have made the Float Edit to use the Decimal Places in the Formatter Control if attached (and defaults to 4 if not attached). We use Float Edits heavily in our local client Apps, and discovered that normally we have the same number of Decimal Places everywhere (though sometimes two different configurations). Note also for this I am ignoring Currency Fields as they are a different edit 🙂 The Formatter approach also allows a central location to change Decimal Places – rather than having to go to all controls.
  • Expression capable: rather than having Calculator Edits as separate Edits, Float Edits will allow for Expressions when a Calculator Engine is attached. We will also have Buttoned Edit versions of the Data Type Edits, so Calculator Edits like in ESBPCS are easy enough to do.
  • Bounds Checking Improvements: as discussed in an earlier Blog, the bounds checking is grouped into a “sub-component”. Plus for Doubles, we have added the ability to set the precision.

There is still heaps to do of course but hopefully by January, we can start moving in-house Apps over to the new Library – which will pave the way for our first Beta 🙂

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Software Developer working at our Family owned business, ESB Consultancy, which is located in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia.
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  1. esbglenn says:

    Also FullAccuracy is on by default in the new Edits.

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