ESBPCS for VCL v6.4.0 with Delphi XE6 support

Well on Tuesday Night, I saw that my new Embarcadero RAD Studio XE6 was available for download – so thus I downloaded 🙂

Click here if you want to check out what is new with Delphi XE6

So we worked yesterday on ensuring that the ESBPCS for VCL worked correctly with the changes as you never know what has changed in the release edition. There were a couple of changes from XE5, of course, like where the BPLs and DCPs etc are changed by default – but this is detailed in the documentation 🙂

Last night we released the updated ESBPCS for VCL to registered owners – and today we finished off the Trial version – if you don’t own ESBPCS, then grab a trial and check it out 🙂

This is a free upgrade for registered owners, and includes C++ Builder XE6 support. We also did some improvements on the ComboBoxes allowing you to customise the width of the drop down, and added more measurement conversions. The various subsets (ESBPCS-Lite for VCL, ESBPCS-Calcs for VCL, ESBPCS-Dates for VCL and ESBPCS-Stats for VCL) have also all been updated.

Now to ensure that the current development state for ESBDevLib for VCL/FMX works well with XE6 🙂

ESBPCS for VCL v6.4.0

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