Fraction Edits for Delphi + Special Discount

Further to the recent discussion on our new Fraction Type, TEDLFraction, we have also now completed the associated Fraction Edit for VCL – this allows Fractions to be entered as Floats, Improper Fractions or Mixed Fraction, and then displayed as either an Improper Fraction or Mixed Fraction.

We also have the ability to Reduce the Fraction and basic Fraction Arithmetic available from the Control.

To make things easier in the IDE at Design Time, we have placed the Fraction “portions” in their own little section:


So we just need to finish off the FMX version of this Edit and move on to the next component 🙂

To celebrate the release of the first product, ESBUnitConv Pro, in our new “v9 Series” of the ESB Calculator Suite, you can purchase any product from our site (and if you purchase ESBPCS for VCL “Full” version, you will also get ESBDevLib for VCL/FMX when released) via the FastSpring links and get a 20% discount, when you use the following code:


This code will last until 1 Jan 2014 and you are free to share it with your friends as an early Christmas present (or any other sort of gift).


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