RadioGroups and CheckGroups in ESBDevLib

We had originally decided that we wouldn’t port the CheckBoxes, RadioButtons, GroupBoxes, RadioGroups and CheckGroups from ESBPCS to ESBDevLib. Why? – you may ask… ¬†Well, with out Edits, they go over to FireMonkey reasonably well – just without all the UICtrl based Colours, etc (since Styles should be used) – and since they are descended from Delphi Edits, the Style side of things works well. However the above mentioned controls were all created from scratch – and our “drawing” skills are not quite up to the task of creating them from scratch in FireMonkey (at least not yet).

However a few customers pointed out the features they liked in our RadioGroups, etc and encouraged me to rethink things – so we have spent the last few weeks doing new VCL versions of these controls. Since we really don’t need the old Win9x support etc, and we will just stick with the “WinXP and above” look – quite a lot of code was able to be trimmed. Good news – we were able to reduce the flicker when Hot Tracking is on – and more more of the customising to the UICtrl (which now has a Drawing Section as well as Colours Section).

You can even grab an Demo Exe to check out some of the features – we are sadly well behind in demos but will try to start to remedy this – no source with the demo at this stage.

And here are some Screen Shots:

GroupCtrls Demo




Currently no plans for FireMonkey versions, mainly because I still don’t think we are adding that much over what Delphi Supplies (once you remove the visual enhancements).

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