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RadioGroups and CheckGroups in ESBDevLib

We had originally decided that we wouldn’t port the CheckBoxes, RadioButtons, GroupBoxes, RadioGroups and CheckGroups from ESBPCS to ESBDevLib. Why? – you may ask…  Well, with out Edits, they go over to FireMonkey reasonably well – just without all the … Continue reading

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New SpinEdits as the work continues

Well my apologies for the delay between blog posts – we have had quite a bit of local client work and we are also doing a fair bit of redesign work as we get the new product ready. We have … Continue reading

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FireMonkey Edits with different Colour when ReadOnly

Since the days when we developed our own GUI that ran on VGA 640×480 (developed in Turbo Pascal and heavily reliant on BASM), we have liked to show our Edits in different background colours depending on whether they are Read Only or … Continue reading

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Formatters and UICtrls

Another from earlier on Facebook: Have now changed the “Display Handler” – and removed all the Formatting side of things into a Formatter Component, since this will better suite being Universal (both VCL and FMX) and have separate components for … Continue reading

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